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Borras Park church is evangelical and evangelistic and our aim is to make disciples of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28 v19, 20) and to encourage believers to witness and grow in the Faith. We do not make denominational distinctions a bar to communion and welcome to the Lord’s Table all who are true believers.

The church is independent of any denominational grouping but enjoys fellowship with many like-minded groups locally and nationally. These include the Associating Evangelical Churches of Wales (AECW), the Evangelical Movement of Wales (EMW) and Affinity (formally the British Evangelical Council).


The church is governed by Elders, two of whom are supported by the church as full-time Pastors. Deacons are appointed to handle the administrative affairs of the fellowship.

Sunday Services

Our Sunday services are an opportunity to worship God and then listen to a sermon by the preacher, usually one of our Pastors. A service typically lasts about 75 minutes, after which everyone is free to talk with the Pastor or other members of the congregation.  The last thing we want is for you to feel you have to depart quickly and quietly because getting to know all who attend our services is important to us, so long as that is what you want.  Following our evening services we usually serve refreshments in the ‘Schoolroom’ adjacent, to which everyone is invited.

Sunday School meets during the latter half of the morning service.


We have various activities for those of all ages on most days of the week as you will find by exploring the pages of our website.

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